23 Aug 11. Service Guard members start the year orienting Freshmen to their [[#|classes]].

26 Aug 11. The [[#|school]] spirit to our year is started with our first football game with Service Guard probviding traffic control and Color Gaurd presenting the Colors.

27 Aug 11. Rifle Team cadets attended the NRA dinner and select cadets presented the Colors.

2 Sep 11. Service Guard provides traffic control and Color Guard presents the Colors for Trojans versus Western Harnett football game.

9 Sep 11. Cadet CPL Worden honored the victims of 911 in a speech and lead the school in a moment of silence.

9 Sep 11 - 11 Sep 11. Selected cadets were participate in the NRA Youth Education Summit.

10 Sep 11. Service Guard assisted with the setup of Crepe Myrtle Festival Support and Color Guard presented the colors.

16 Sep 11. Color Guard presented the colors for North Harnett School Partiotism Day.

17 Sep 11. Service Guard provided support for the Lillington Fall Festival while the Color Guard presented the colors.

23 Sep 11. Service Guard provides traffic control and Color Guard presents the colors for Trojans versus Clayton football game.

1 Oct 11. Parent Booster Club and cadets conducted annual car wash with a yard sale and bake sale added to the event.

5 Oct 11. Alpha Company cadets begin bi-weekly support of Middle School educational activities.

7 Oct 11. Service Guard provides traffic control and Home Coming Court escorts, and Color Guard presents Colors for Home Coming game between the Trojans and Smithfied Selma.

8 Oct 11. Rifle Team (18 cadets) participates in markmanship training and competition at McMichael High School. The team earns a second place finish and Cadet Guymon leads the team with the highest score.

15 Oct 11. Rifle Team participates in Lexington BBQ Hog Shoot. Team A finishes in the top ten of all competitors.

19 Oct 11. Raider Team (20 cadets) [[#|complete]] annual 5 Mile force march at Ravin Rock.

21 Oct 11. Service Guard provides traffic control, and Color Guard presents the Colors for Trojans versus Kightdale football game.

22 Oct 11. Raider, Rifle, Drill and Color Guard Teams (38 cadets) participates in Southern Lee Tri Meet in Sanford, NC. Rifle Team A earns a second place finish overall. Rifle Team A also earns a second place trophy for each of the following: high score prone, high score standing, high score kneeling. Cadet Constant earns a third place award for her overall score.

28 Oct 11. Cadets complete their annual brochure sale fund raiser.

28 Oct 11. Cadet Battalion forms and as a unit and conducts promotions and awards ceremony. Top cadet performance on Cadet Challenge are recognized, and the top squad in squad evaluations receives recognition. Cadets enjoy a snack and fellowship.

7 Nov 11. Cadet Battalion conducted their 8th annual Veterans Day Ceremony for their school.

11 Nov 11. Selected cadets showed their support in the Veterans Park Ceremony in Lillington. Afterwards the Battalion marched in the Veterans Day Parade.

17 Nov 11. Rifle Team competes at Lumberton. Cadet Stowell is recognized for having the highest score in A Team and Cadet Carmicheal is recognized for the highest score in B Team.

19 Nov 11. Raider Team competes at Overhills. Receiving first place in Rope Bridge
3 Dec 11. Cadet Battalion started off the Christmas cheer in the Angier Parade.

5 Dec 11. Cadet Battalion continued their Christmas cheer in the Erwin Parade.

10 Dec 11. Selected Cadets took the Christmas cheer to the Lillington Parade.

15 Dec 11. Selected Cadets participated on a field trip where they visited two museums in Fayetteville and two museums in Fortbragg.

18 Feb 12. Drill team competes at Overhills in unarmed and armed squad and platoon level drill.

25 Feb 12. Raider, Rifle, and Drill team competed in the North Brunswick Tri meet . Raider team is recognized for earning the first place trophy in the rope bridgeing event. Rifle team is recognized for earning fourth place over all. Drill team is recognized for earning fifth place in the unarmed squad level drill event.

3 Mar 12. Raider and Rifle team competed in the Lee County Tri meet. The Raider team is recognized for earning the second place trophy in the Modified Army Physical Fitness test. Rifle team is recognized for earning the second place overall trophy.

10 Mar 12. Raider and Rifle team compete in the Harnett Central/DAV Raider-Rfile Competition. Raider team cadets Worden, Cruz, and Capshaw are recognied for earning first, second, and third place medals in the female catagory of the Modified Army Physical Fitness Test as well as a third place overall for the entire team in the same event. Rifle team is recognized for earning a second palce overall trophy as well as second place in the prone position and third place in the kneeling and standing position.

19-22 Mar 12. Cadet Battalion completed Cadet Challenge for the spring semester. The Male cadet witht he highest score is Cadet Ammons and the female with the highest score is Cadet Worden

5-8 April 12. Selected Cadets where able to participate in the spring semester field trip to Virginia Beach in which they were able to tour the aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush., the cruiser USS San Jacinto, the town of Colonial Williamsburg, and the battle ground of Yorktown.

18 April 12. Rifle Team competes in Union Postal Match. Team earns third place finish. Cadet Carmichael and Cadet Brown earned individual awards for their scores.

21 April 12. Raider Team participates in Sandhills Raider Challege at Ravin Rock

28 April 12. Color Guard supports Campbell University ROTC Military Ball at Campbell University,

12 May 12. Annual Military Ball held at the Fort Bragg Officer Club. Program includes farewell for CSM Bostick who retired as a JROTC Instructor. The guest speaker is Brigader General Austin. The Principal and Superintendant are in attendance. Cadet Roy provided an insprational solo and Cadet Capshaw provided and inspirational poem. Select cadets were honored for superior performance. Parents, other adults and organizations were recognized for their contributions to the JROTC Program. The Military Ball attendance number was 190.

28 May 12. Raider Team, Color Guard and Service Guard Support annual community Memorial Day Porgram at Veterans Park, by assisting with set up and tear down of equipment needed for ceremony, presenting the Colors, Presenting the Wreath, serving as ushers, and honor guard for monuments.

2 Jun 12. Service guard and Color Guard support annual Bike Festival in Angier. Service Guard provide assistance to Chamber of Commerce and Vendors during the set up phase of the event. The Color Guard presented the Colors.

9 Jun 12. Colors Guard presents the Colors for our school graduation at the Campbell Convocation Center. The Battalion Commander, a graduating senior leads the Pleadge of Allegiance.

11-16 Jun 12. Nine cadets attend and successfully complete JROTC Summer Camp at Oak Ridge Military Academy. Cadet Carmichael and Elvira earn awards for performance in marksmanship. Cadet Wiggins earns a special award from the Camp Command Sergeant Major for his motivation. Cadet Worden is among the top female finishers on the obstacle course.