17 Aug 10 The Color Guard started the school year off by presenting the Colors at the back to school teacher workday.

23 Aug 10. Service Guard provide guides for Open House and Cadet Staff/Special Team Leaders provde orientation to new students/parents on the JROTC Program.

09 Sep 10. Cadet Capshaw with support from Cadet Constant and Cadet Hajieh coordinated, and executed a school wide program to recognize the victims of 9/11.

09-12 Sep 10. Cadets Fortune and Ammons attend the NRA Youth Education Summit

11 Sep 10. The Service Guard planned, coordinated and provided support to the Angier, NC Chamber of Commerce Annual Crepe Myrtle Festival. Color Guard presents the Colors.

18 Sep 10. The Service Guard planned, coordinated and provided support to the Lillington, NC Chamber of Commerce Annual Fall Festival. Color Guard presents the Colors. Cadet Hajieh sings the National Anthem.

2 Oct 10. Cadet Parents conduct annual car wash.

4-7 Oct 10. Cadet Challenge completed for 1st Semester. Delta Company earns streamer for highest score.

10 Oc 10. Rifle Teams compete at Lexington High School in Lexington, NC. The team finishes fourth out of sixteen teams.

11-30 Oct 10. Cadet Corp annual fund raiser completed. Charlie Company earns streamers for most funds raised.

16 Oct 10. The Raider/Rifle Teams competed at East Rowan High School in Salisbury, NC. Cadets Constant earns an individual trophy in Rifle Team competition.

19 Oct 10. Squad level drill competition completed.

23 Oct 10. Drill, Color Guard, Rifle and Raider Teams compete in Southern Lee Tri Meet. Unit earns its first ever overall trophy in a Tri Meet competition as the unit finished second overall. The Rifle Team seized first place with individuals from the Alpha Team earning a first place in each on the individulal awards categories.

27 Oct 10. Rifle Team participates in Buckingham Postal Rifle Match and earns a second place award. Two cadets earn individual awards.

29 Oct 10. The Service Guard and select cadets participate in Homecoming. Select Cadets escorted the Homecoming Court.

9 Nov 10. Trojan Battalion Cadets host their seventh annual Veterans Day Program. Mr. John Finger is the guest speaker. Cadets conduct special salute to veterans of each military branch.

11 Nov 10. Service Guard, Raider Team, Color Guard support community Veterans Day Program at Veterans Park in Lillington during the morning hours.

11 Nov 10. Cadet Battalion particpates in Veteran Day Parade in Lillington in the afternoon.

16 Nov 10. Battalion Academic and Leadership teams participate in JROTC Academic and Leadership Challenge Bowl. Academic Team was able to advance to second round competition and did not earn a higher enough score to move to the finals.

18 Nov 10. Rifle Teams participates in Rifle Team competition at Lumberton High School and earns a fourth
place trophy.

20 Nov 10. Raider Team competes in Onverhills High School Raider competition and earns an award in rope

30 Nov 10. Rifle Teams particpate in JROTC National Postal Match.

4 & 6 Dec 10. Trojan Battalion participated in Christmas Parades in Angier and Erwin respectively.

19 Jan 11. Special Team Social completed. This event was orginally scheduled as a Christmas social but was delayed due to snow days. Attendance was strong and support from parents was great.

26 Feb 11. Raider and Rifle Teams compete at North Brunswick. Raider Team earns first place in rope bridging.

5 March 11. Drill, Color Guard, Raider and Rifle Teams compete in Tri Meet at Lee Senior High School. Rifle Team earns third place overall and Raider team place third in knot tying. Three Rifle Teams members earn individual awards.

12 March 11. The Battalion hosted its fifth annual Harnett Central and Disable American Veterans Raider Challenge competition. Twenty four Raider Teams from North Carolina and Virginia participated. East Surry JROTC Raider Team was the winner.

23-24 April 11. 39 Cadets participated in a field trip to Gettysburg and Hershey Park. The cadets connected informaion learned in the classroom with the feature film, Cyclorama, Museum Assignments, and Battle Field Tour Guide lesson. A fun day of rides and entertainment was enjoyed at Hershey Park.

14 May 11. The Cadet Corps Sixteenth Annual Military Ball was conducted at the Fort Bragg Club. The Guest Speaker was Mrs. Amy Noel. 160 cadets and guests were in attendance.

30 May 11. Service Guard, Rifle Team, Raider Team and Color Guard participated in and supported the Harnett County Veterans Annual Memorial Day Ceremony. Select members of the Raider and Rifle Teams reported early to assist with set up of chairs and other equipment necessary for the ceremony. The same teams assisted with the recovery of equipment after the ceremony. The Service Guard served as guides and performed duties as monument Honor Guards. The Color Guard presented the Colors and the Ceremonial Wreath.

4 June 11. Service Guard supported the Annual Angier Bike Festival. The cadets assisted with establishing traffic control points, distribution of trash receptacles, assisting vendors and Festival Coordinators. The Color Guard presented the Colors.

11 June 11. The Color Guard presented the Colors at the school graduation, and the Cadet Battalion Commander lead the Pleadge of Allegiance.

13-18 June. Nine Cadets participated in JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge Camp at Oak Ridge Military
Academy. Cadet Molina graduated with Superior Cadet Honors. The number two cadet out of 160. Cadet Carmichael earned a first place trophy trophy as the best Air Rifle Marksman for Alpha Company. Cadet Cameron lead a group that earned a first place trophy in the Cadet Idol competition.

19-25 June. Cadet Capshaw partipates in the American Legion State Trooper Program and Cadet Bradley participates in the American Legion Boys State Program. The State Trooper Program orients on physical fitness and educate youths on law enforcement and the importance of living drug free and abiding by the laws of the state and the nation. Boys State provides the opportunity to learn about the operations and functions of the state goverment. Youth are provided opportunities to exercise their leadership and problem solving skills, and to enhance their knowledge of their civic responsibilities.

14-17 July. The American Youth Conference held at Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, PA was again a hugh success with all cadets attending having a great deal of fun learning about leadership, team work and America. Cadets representing our battalion were Cadets Cameron, Albro, Bolin, Constant, and Hajieh. Other cadets attending from North Carolina came from Cumberland and Brunswick county high schools.